Garmin c550 and SDHC Cards

I wasn’t able to find a definitive answer on this in the owner’s manual, but from a quick test it appears that the Garmin Streetpilot c550 GPS does support SDHC cards.

25 March 2008 | Gadgets | No Comments

Video Screen Capture for Software Demos

I’ve posted some notes on some ongoing experiments with video screen capture for generating software demo movies.

23 June 2007 | Development, OSX, Windows | No Comments

Narrating PowerPoint Slides

I’ve posted some brief notes on adding sound (narration, background music, etc…) to PowerPoint slides: “Adding narration (or other sound) to PowerPoint“.

21 May 2007 | Windows | No Comments

Random Tech Notes

I’m setting this site up as a repository for miscellaneous notes and howtos.

Logo image compliments of’s Ransom Note Generator, by way of LifeHacker.

13 May 2007 | Administrivia | No Comments

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